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Yellow Onyx - Necklace


Unisex Handcrafted Necklace – Yellow Onyx - w/ Brass Accents

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Being a member of the quartz family, onyx is believed to have healing properties. Yellow onyx is said to help with healing wounds, regulating organ function and strengthening the back. Healers also use the stone to address ailments in the eyes and ears. Yellow onyx is said to open the solar plexus chakra, or the third energy center. This chakra is associated with physical strength and emotional stability. You can place yellow onyx or other yellow stones on your solar plexus to open and gain control of your solar plexus chakra; once you attain this control, you can gain a sense of peace. Yellow onyx is associated with seriousness and logic, and is said to help one who wears it know when to keep silent in certain situations. Physically, onyx can help sooth anxiety and depression and can boost emotional strength.