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Tiger Iron - Bracelet

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Unisex Handcrafted Bracelet – Iron Tiger's Eye w/ Brass Accents

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Tiger Iron is also sometimes called Mugglestone.  It is a very powerful grounding stone promoting physical vitality, energy, and stamina while assisting those who are feeling “burnt out” on emotional, mental, and physical levels. It’s a combination of  Haematite, Golden Brown Tiger’s Eye and Red and Yellow Jasper which became squished together millions of years ago as the tectonic plates around Australia moved together. It holds the metaphysical properties of all its components. Tiger Iron is good for sensitive/empathic people who may be drained by taking on other people “stuff”, also very useful for healers.  Tiger Iron is a very grounding, protective, balancing and centering stone. Tiger Iron encourages motivation and solutions to artistic and creative endeavors, whilst keeping you grounded.